Raflewski Golf Putting Ruler
Raflewski Golf Putting Ruler
Raflewski Golf Putting Ruler

Raflewski Golf

Raflewski Golf Putting Ruler

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The Raflewski Tour Putting Ruler II  Our #1 selling training aid!

Gareth Raflewski is the highly sought after Canadian PGA instructor to over 30 Tour players that specializes in the short game. The Raflewski Tour Putting Ruler II is used by many tour players to improve:

  • Alignment and start line
  • Speed and distance
  • Green reading


  • One two-sided Putting Ruler

"I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best players in the world, including the last 3 of the 4 world #1 players, and they all have used our Putting Ruler exercises. I hope you enjoy the product, lessons and see great improvement in your putting." - Gareth Raflewski

The Putting Ruler is designed to work with The Raflewski Golf Targets and RAPro Aim Kit to help you build your own Putting Studio

The Putting Ruler comes with instructions and also a QR code to access online drills and tips that Gareth uses with Tour players that will help you improve your setup, alignment, aim, and start line. 

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