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Raflewski Golf Design

It’s time for change. If golf clubs want to provide the best practice facilities for their members and guests then they have to give them something they’ve never seen before.

"Performance, development, training, imagination and an all round fun experience is what I want to achieve with Raflewski Golf Design," - Gareth.

Through his work on the short game with some of the best PGA and LPGA Tour players, Gareth has developed a system of short game training modules, built into the practice facility, creating an optimized space to fine tune short game performance.

Beyond the coaching, beyond the technology, and beyond the training, these short game facility designs will help golfers develop the most important short game skills so that they can become successful on the course.

Each of our systems will also include a scorecard and drill book so that golfers can track their development, practice with purpose and compete against friends.