Raflewski Putting Targets

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Raflewski Putting Targets

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The Raflewski Putting Targets

The Raflewski Putting Targets are a revolutionary training aid designed for golfers of all levels aiming to enhance their putting skills. This unique pack is a favorite among amateur and professional golfers for its effectiveness in:

  • Improving putting accuracy and consistency.
  • Fine-tuning alignment and targeting on the green.
  • Enhancing the golfer's ability to judge distances and read greens.
  • Developing a more controlled and consistent putting stroke.


  • A set of two Putting Targets, each crafted for durability and precision.
  • The RAP 1 from the Raflewski Ready Aim Putt series.

The Raflewski Putting Targets are an ideal complement to any golfer’s practice routine, whether at home, in the office, or on the practice green. It pairs seamlessly with other training tools such as the putting mats, allowing for a comprehensive and versatile putting practice experience.

The Putting Targets significantly improved my putting accuracy. It's easy to use and great for practice anywhere. A must-have for any golfer!